JMJ Psychological Services is committed to reaching youth and families in local communities. We are also committed to providing mental and behavioral health services, education, and being a resource outlet for children and families to have the necessary tools to be positive and productive citizens in the community.

JMJ Psychological Services is committed to the development and well-being of youth and families in need of mental and behavioral health, social resources and treatment. Strengthening families through counseling, education, and trainings. Together, we can build communities by working and partnering.


JMJ Psychological Services will provide education, information and support programs designed to prevent problems from escalating into more serious issues for children, youth and families.


JMJ Psycological Services will work with children and families in crisis to design and develop solutions and realistic strategies to deal with abuse, neglect and destructive behavior. Our intervention programs are built on a platform of individual, group and family counseling, enhanced by other services that will address a variety of needs for each family.


JMJ Psychological Services will create a comprehensive and usable resource center to help address the needs of children, youth and families. Providing helpful and knowledgeable resources: healthcare, counseling, education and other community needs. These needs will be fulfilled through cooperation between JMJ Psychological Services and the community. Over time, our efforts to create a strong outreach will allow for development of a bond between our company and its patients.